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05/09/2013 1185872 10151568373127455 1384740855 s "I work hard so my horse can have a better life" Is this al... 72 8 313
31/08/2013 1280871 10151558071922455 757555101 s "How people see what we are doing with horses" Have you not... 48 6 73
06/09/2013 1174849 631190240246064 1479453764 s "Cuteness Alert! What caption would you add to this photo?" ... 56 3 29
03/09/2013 1012498 10151564994067455 1975842251 s "Go ahead, try to convince me that horses do not have feelings&quot... 32 2 34
01/09/2013 66779 10151558083722455 1439064471 s "The best bug repellent.. well according to many horses" Ha... 39 4 23
08/09/2013 1236118 621874877865071 567955682 s "The horse knows. He knows if you know. He also knows if you don&#... 34 5 21

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