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01/02/2017 16388137 10154163357716560 2962221489521680820 n New KFC Georgia Gold Chicken is a honey mustard BBQ gold you can eat, as... 16465 1741 3007
04/02/2017 16469371 10154166140401560 7111007292757114880 n One Colonel—a proud Colonel. Head coach of America’s newest professional... 2046 167 842
31/01/2017 16467495 10154160955691560 3825880330959585280 n Two white suits. Two string-tie things. Two proud Colonels. But there... 2254 523 514
25/01/2017 16327662 10154147974051560 9013535091711803392 n In some cultures, people waste gold on things like jewelry or “currency”... 1917 402 679
10/02/2017 16508142 10154184253586560 2256837425433593302 n Do you think you have what it takes to sit at my gold desk, in my gold... 3298 315 242

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12/08/2015 I use get the original recipe, but no more because it has too much pepper in it. It seems as tho... 0
12/08/2015 That is why black people like it. It tastes likes white people. 0
12/08/2015 You need to do away with the new Col. before he does to much damage to the old Col. and KFC's... 1
12/08/2015 How much negative consumer input do you need before pulling this ad campaign with the creepiest... 0
12/08/2015 I think the guy playing Col. Sanders in the KFC ads is George W. Bush. lol. certainly sounds... 0