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06/08/2013 1000310 518644051541294 1500089145 s This is the line I am sticking to! You? 115 2 62
19/08/2013 1098243 518646811541018 548713282 s Wish Id taken note of this. Share if you agree 38 1 32
08/08/2013 21459 518644621541237 1364698914 s Did you change your name when you got married or would you if the time... 16 26 0
27/08/2013 579004 529240330481666 1532896830 s Billy is rocking his new Rockstar outfit, now available on the Nurdle... 10 20 0
04/09/2013 1236421 532133940192305 1918632726 s Look at the box below and say the colour... not the word. Its harder... 14 2 0

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01/09/2013 Oh, also - could the backgrounds change too. The circus one was great - maybe a themed one to go... 0
16/08/2013 I was going to call one of my children Nosmo and middle name king. Say the two words together and... 1
07/08/2013 this ones for you Daniel Hausler !!!!! 0
02/08/2013 Having problems with the nurdle durdle app since the update, crashes before starting every time. 0
03/07/2013 Hey lovely mummies just letting you know we are giving away a robomaid vacuum cleaner RRP $369.00... 0