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Your personal Facebook advisorLikealyzer is a free tool helping brands succeed on Facebook.
Recommendations, not just metrics
keyboard_arrow_rightAct with confidence
Take the guess work out of your Facebook strategy — Likealyzer's recommendations will point you in the right direction.
Context is everything
Compare your Facebook page to competitors, partners, or even brands you admire. Don't have one in mind? No worries, Likealyzer will recommend similar pages to watch.
Ditch the manual work
Let Likealyzer instantly convert raw Facebook analytics into a simple yet sophisticated report. Take the saved time and focus on what really matters: elevating your brand on Facebook.
A Facebook tool designed for…
Understand & communicate the true impact of your work.
Monitor and benchmark your Facebook page against your competitors with our unique competitive metrics.
Elevate your brand's influence on Facebook with Likealyzer's recommendations. You can take all the credit, we won't mind.
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