A free Facebook Marketing Tool for your business

That's right. No cost and no need to register. 100% free - guarantee!

At LikeAlyzer we feel really passionate about marketing on Facebook.
Facebook is an amazing tool for marketing, reaching out and developing a dialogue with your customers. But, unfortunately, not all companies achieve success on Facebook, regardless of their size.

Therefore, we have built a analysis tool, LikeAlyzer, that provides you with recommendations and feedback on your company's presence on Facebook. The recommendations are customized for your Facebook Page and the analysis is based on the metrics that we have found to be important - presence, dialogue, action and information.

LikeAlyzer is free, you don't have to register and there is no need for application authorization. You just need to enter the URL of your Facebook page in the searchbox and press enter.

What are you waiting for? See how your Facebook Page is doing!

PS. Make sure that you visit our Facebook statistics section to find inspiration from companies in your field or region.

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Robert, Founder of LikeAlyzer & Product Manager at LikeAlyzer.

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