Frequently Asked Questions


What is LikeAlyzer?
LikeAlyzer is a free tool for analyzing Facebook Pages.
What is LikeRank?
LikeRank is a number between 1-100 that represents how likeable your brand is. We use more than 40 signals from Facebook in order to measure a Facebook Page performance. The better performance, the higher the LikeRank.
How do I use LikeAlyzer?
Enter the URL of the Facebook Page you want to analyze on the start page, click the magnifying glass, wait a few seconds while LikeAlyzer is downloading all its data and...TADA! - magic!
Is LikeAlyzer really free?
Yes it is 100% free. You can use it free of charge.
Does one need to be an Facebook Expert in order to understand LikeAlyzer?
Certainly not. We developed LikeAlyzer with the user in mind and the result is easy to understand for both a beginner and the expert.


My Facebook Page isn't included in your statistics. Can I add it?
Certainly! Run a analyze for your Page and it will automatically be added to our statistics.
How can I find a certain Page?
Well that's easy! Either you can run a analyze for the Page or search for the Page in the Statistics Section.
How do I see all Pages in a certain country?
Visit the Statistics Section and click on Filter by Country.
How do I see all Pages in a certain category?
Visit the Statistics Section and click on Filter by Category.

Review Pages

What is the maximum possible LikeRank?
The highest LikeRank is 100. The lowest LikeRank a Page can receive is 0.
How is the Engagement Rate calculated?
This is a really easy one. Engagement Rate = Number of Likes / People Talking About This.
How many posts are the results based on?
This can vary depending on the activity on the Page and the number of posts published per day. In the majority of cases, the calculation is based on the 25 most recent posts.
Why are the metrics 'Calls to Action' and 'Location' only visible on certain reviews?
In order to give all Pages a fair evaluation, we only measure what we can measure. If a Page have specified the country in which it operates, we can figure out what language the Page is using in its posts and retrieve the location. Thanks to this information, we can figure out if the Page uses eg Call to actions in their posts.
If the location of a Page is not specified, we can not calculate the location of the Page or figure out if the Page is using calls to action in its posts.
How is the Response Rate calculated?
It is very important that every user gets an response to their post on your Page. But some posts might not require a reply. So in order to get a good evaluation for Response Rate, a Page need to provide more than 80% of all users a response to their posts.
What does N/A means on Likes Growth?
Unfortunately, sometimes we can't fetch all the data that we need from Facebook. This may happen because the Page being analyzed is too large or that Facebooks API is currently not available. When this occurs, we display N/A which means not applicable.
How many new likes should my Page have in order to receive a good Likes Growth?
If you can get an increase of 5% or higher you are doing really well and it will be reflected in this score.
How do you calculate Similar brands?
That depends. If your Page have specified the country in which it operates, we compare your Page with Pages in the same country and in the same category as yours. If you have not specified your country, we compare your Page with Pages in similar categories.